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Доницетти - опера «Лючия ди Ламмермур» - Даниэль Орен - Дэвид Олден - Лизетт Оропеса (Donizetti - Lucia di Lammermoor - Daniel Oren - David Alden - Lisette Oropesa - Teatro Real de Madrid/ (Королевский театр в Мадриде - 2018) HDTVRip

Доницетти - опера «Лючия ди Ламмермур» - Даниэль Орен - Дэвид Олден - Лизетт Оропеса (Donizetti - Lucia di Lammermoor - Daniel Oren - David Alden - Lisette Oropesa - Teatro Real de Madrid/ (Королевский театр в Мадриде - 2018) HDTVRip

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LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR - Live from Teatro Real Madrid

Scotland, mid-19th century. Enrico Ashton is troubled. His family’s fortunes are in danger, and only the arranged marriage of his sister, Lucia, with Lord Arturo can save them. But Lucia is concealing a great passion for Edgardo di Ravenswood. Heartbroken, she sinks into madness...

This gothic opera is staged by movie director David Alden and conducted by Daniel Oren. The american soprano Lisette Oropesa plays Lucia, one of the most challenging roles in opera.

Streamed live on OperaVision on 7 July 2018 at 21:30 CET

Lucia : Lisette Oropesa
Edgardo : Javier Camarena
Enrico Ashton : Artur Rucinski
Raimondo Bidebent : Roberto Tagliavini
Lord Arturo Bucklaw : Yijie Shi
Alisa : Marina Pinchuk
Normanno : Alejandro del Cerro
Chorus : Teatro Real
Orchestra :Teatro Real

Music : Gaetano Donizetti
Text : Salvatore Cammarano
Conductor : Daniel Oren
Director : David Alden
Associate Director : Ian Rutherford
Set Designer : Charles Edwards
Costume Designer : Brigitte Reiffenstuel
Lighting Designer : Adam Silverman
Choreographer : Maxime Braham
Chorus Master : Andrés Máspero


Act I

Scotland, mid-19th century. An intruder has been spotted at night on the grounds of Lammermoor Castle, home of Enrico Ashton. Normanno, the captain of the guard, sends Enrico’s men off in search of the stranger. Enrico arrives, troubled. His family’s fortunes are in danger, and only the arranged marriage of his sister, Lucia, with Lord Arturo can save them. The chaplain Raimondo, Lucia’s tutor, reminds Enrico that the girl is still mourning the death of her mother. But Normanno reveals that Lucia is concealing a great love for Edgardo di Ravenswood, leader of the Ashtons’ political enemies. Enrico is furious and swears vengeance. The men return and explain that they have seen and identified the intruder as Edgardo. Enrico’s fury increases.

Just before dawn at a fountain in the woods nearby, Lucia and her companion Alisa are waiting for Edgardo. Lucia relates that, at the fountain, she has seen the ghost of a girl who was stabbed by her jealous lover. Alisa urges her to leave Edgardo, but Lucia insists that her love for Edgardo brings her great joy and may overcome all. Edgardo arrives and explains that he must go to France on a political mission. Before he leaves he wants to make peace with Enrico. Lucia, however, asks Edgardo to keep their love a secret. Edgardo agrees, and they exchange rings and vows of devotion.

Act II

It is some months later, the day on which Lucia is to marry Arturo. Normanno assures Enrico that he has successfully intercepted all correspondence between the lovers and has in addition procured a forged letter, supposedly from Edgardo, that indicates he is involved with another woman. As the captain goes off to welcome the groom, Lucia enters, continuing to defy her brother. Enrico shows her the forged letter. Lucia is heartbroken, but Enrico insists that she marry Arturo to save the family. He leaves, and Raimondo, convinced no hope remains for Lucia’s love, reminds her of her dead mother and urges her to do a sister’s duty. She finally agrees.

As the wedding guests arrive, Enrico explains to Arturo that Lucia is still in a state of melancholy because of her mother’s death. The girl enters and reluctantly signs the marriage contract. Suddenly Edgardo bursts in, claiming his bride, and the entire company is overcome by shock (Sextet: “Chi mi frena in tal momento”). Arturo and Enrico order Edgardo to leave but he insists that he and Lucia are engaged. When Raimondo shows him the contract with Lucia’s signature, Edgardo curses her and tears his ring from her finger before finally leaving in despair and rage.


Enrico visits Edgardo at his dilapidated home and taunts him with the news that Lucia and Arturo have just been married. The two men agree to meet at dawn by the tombs of the Ravenswoods for a duel.

Back at Lammermoor, Raimondo interrupts the wedding festivities with the news that Lucia has gone mad and killed Arturo. Lucia enters, covered in blood. Moving between tenderness, joy, and terror, she recalls her meetings with Edgardo and imagines she is with him on their wedding night. She vows she will never be happy in heaven without her lover and that she will see him there. When Enrico returns, he is enraged at Lucia’s behavior, but soon realizes that she has lost her senses. After a confused and violent exchange with her brother, Lucia collapses.

At the graveyard, Edgardo laments that he has to live without Lucia and awaits his duel with Enrico, which he hopes will end his own life. Guests coming from Lammermoor Castle tell him that the dying Lucia has called his name. As he is about to rush to her, Raimondo announces that she has died. Determined to join Lucia in heaven, Edgardo stabs himself.

Название: Лючия ди Ламмермур
Оригинальное название: Lucia di Lammermoor
Год: 2018 (прямая трансляция OperaVision 7 июля)
Жанр: Опера (трагическая драма) в трех действиях
Композитор: Гаэтано Доницетти (Gaetano Donizetti)
Либретто: Сальваторе Каммарано (Salvatore Cammarano)
Режиссер-постановщик: Дэвид Олден (David Alden)
Музыкальный руководитель постановки и дирижер: Даниэль Орен (Daniel Oren)
Хор и оркестр Театра "Real" в Мадриде (Chorus and Orchestra of the Teatro Real)
Хормейстер: Andrés Máspero
Сценография: Charles Edwards
Костюмы: Brigitte Reiffenstuel
Свет: Adam Silverman
Хореограф: Maxime Braham
Режиссер ТВ: Paul Hernández Garrido
Выпущено: Испания, Teatro Real de Madrid, TVE
Язык: Итальянский с английскими субтитрами

Исполнители и действующие лица:
Lisette Oropesa (Lucia),
Javier Camarena (Edgardo),
Artur Rucinski (Enrico Ashton),
Roberto Tagliavini (Raimondo Bidebent),
Yijie Shi (Lord Arturo Bucklaw),
Marina Pinchuk (Alisa),
Alejandro del Cerro (Normanno)

Опера «Лючия ди Ламмермур» Гаэтано Доницетти в постановке Королевского театра в Мадриде (Teatro Real de Madrid). Спектакль показан в прямом эфире на OperaVision 7 июля 2018 года в 21:30 по центральноевропейскому времени. Режиссер-постановщик Дэвид Олден, музыкальный руководитель постановки и дирижер Даниэль Орен. Заглавную партию исполняет Лизетт Оропеса.


Информацию о Даниэле Орене прочтите, пожалуйста, в теме: "Пуччини - опера «Мадам Баттерфляй» - Даниэль Орен - Франко Дзеффирелли - Фьоренца Чедолинс /Puccini - Madama Butterfly - Daniel Oren - Franco Zeffirelli - Fiorenza Cedolins - Arena di Verona/(Арена ди Верона - 2004) HDTVRip"
Адрес - http://rapidlinks.org/link/?lnk=790297


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Адрес - https://rapidlinks.org/link/?lnk=790374

Сайт театра - http://www.teatro-real.com/en/season-17-18/opera/


За информацией о произведении Гаэтано Доницетти обратитесь, пожалуйста, к теме: "Доницетти - опера «Лючия ди Ламмермур» - Патрик Саммерс - Мэри Циммерман - Натали Дессей - Джозеф Каллейя (Donizetti - Lucia di Lammermoor - Patrick Summers - Natalie Dessay - Joseph Calleja - Ludovic Tezier - MET/ (Метрополитен-опера-2011) HDTVRip"
Адрес - http://rapidlinks.org/link/?lnk=728406

Качество: HDTVRip
Формат/контейнер: mkv
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x1080 25fps
Аудио: AAC 44100Hz stereo 125kbps
Продолжительность: 02:56:51
Размер: 1,35 ГБ (1 453 986 941 б)
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