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Singolare font family

Singolare font family

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15x .otf, .TTF | multilingual | cyrillic | prew | 11 MB

Singolare is a contemporary geometric Sans Serif with angular terminals and a great x height. Its main feature is the style difference between the lighter and heavier weights. The more weight it gains, the higher its singularity.
Singolare is composed by five weights, from Ultralight to Black. Every weight has its own stencil variation with expressive cuts and four decorative versions: three outline and one inline version, that can work on it’s own or overlapped to the black normal version (changing the colors of each layer) in order to amplify its usage possibilities.


  • Добавлено: 27/06/2021
  • Автор: PLAYBOY
  • Просмотрено: 15
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