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Cy Grotesk font family

Cy Grotesk font family

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31x .OTF, .TTF | multilingual | cyrillic | prew | 14 MB

Cy Grotesk is the result of combining the clear forms of mid 20th-century European neo-grotesks and the expressiveness of the 19th-century grotesques. It is display typeface with an eccentric character and a special rhythm. Symbols have sharp long angled spurs and large wedge incision between the bowl and the stem, diluting it with smooth curves and the tight aperture.
Built like a multifunctional workhorse that has a wide range of font uses. This type family consists of 27 styles that are adjustable in weight and width. Or one variable font with 2 axes. From pure thin to radically black. From roomy key to catchy grand. All styles include an extended set of Latin characters and a basic Cyrillic.


  • Добавлено: 26/09/2021
  • Автор: PLAYBOY
  • Просмотрено: 8
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