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Learn to Paint Wildlife Quickly - Hazel Soan

Learn to Paint Wildlife Quickly - Hazel Soan

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epub | 54.54 MB | English | Isbn: 9781849948562 | Author: Hazel Soan | Year: 2023

About ebook : Learn to Paint Wildlife Quickly

Capture the wonders of nature in watercolour with this quick guide to wildlife painting, packed with techniques and inspiration.
Bestselling author Hazel Soan demonstrates how to paint a variety of wildlife, from garden favourites to exotic wild beasts. With easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step exercises, it has never been easier to capture the likeness of an animal, in your chosen medium, in a few quick strokes.
The book covers all the key skills you need, including techniques for speed, capturing pose and proportion, advice on painting fur, feathers, hair, hides and markings, working with colour and light, and adding background and setting, as well as further work that can be completed in the studio.
From cats, big and small, birds and foxes to magnificent elephants, lions and zebras, Hazel's simple tips, practical demonstrations and beautiful paintings can be applied to any moving subject and will help you master the art of capturing animals - in watercolour, oils, pencils or pastels - in no time at all.

Word count: 10,000 words

Category: Art, Architecture & Photography, Art - History & Criticism, Art - Techniques, Art by Subjects, Drawing Techniques, Painting Techniques, Other Artistic Techniques, Flora & Fauna in Art, General & Miscellaneous Drawing Techniques, General & Miscellaneous Painting Techniques, Pastels Techniques

  • Добавлено: 24/05/2024
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