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Double Play - C. M. Kane

Double Play - C. M. Kane

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epub | 9.75 MB | English | Isbn: 9781958386088 | Author: C. M. Kane | Year: 2024

About ebook : Double Play

Sharing is caring, but getting her to agree takes work. Veteran outfielder Spencer Adams kept his personal and professional lives separate. He had a penchant for depravity, but never thought he'd find someone to share that with. Ariana Carington grew up as one of the boys, until she started to fill out in all the wrong places. Suddenly, instead of just hanging with the guys, she had to start fending them off. Billy Swift was a wild child, born into a family of secrets. He found his outlet on the baseball diamond, and worked hard to escape through professional sports. He goes home every now and then, but it's always on his terms. A chance meeting puts Ari on a path of discovery, and into the arms of two very capable men who promise to show her everything she never knew she wanted.

Category: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance - General, Sports Romance

  • Добавлено: 11/06/2024
  • Автор: 0dayhome
  • Просмотрено: 1
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