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60s Garage Top-Notch series Vol.1-10 (2020) - Retro, Rock

60s Garage Top-Notch series Vol.1-10 (2020) - Retro, Rock

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Год выпуска: 2020
Страна: All world
Исполнитель: VA
Название: 60s Garage Top-Notch series Vol.1-10
Жанр музыки: Retro, Rock
Формат | Качество: MP3 + Cover | 320 Kbps / Joint Stereo / 44100 Hz
Продолжительность: 13:36:03
Композиций: 330
Архив: Rar (+5% на восстановление)
Размер: 1.25 Gb

Top-Notch Vol.1

Allusions - Gypsy Woman
Beagles - All I Need Is You
Buck Rogers Movement - Baby Come On
Caretakers Of Deception - Cuttin' Grass
Celler Dwellers - Workin Man
Choab - Why Am I Alone!
Crabs - Chase Yourself
Dayaks - So Long Sad Sacks
Dick Curtis - It's Not The Same
Driving Wheels - One Year Ago Today
Epics - White Collar House
Facts Of Life - I've Seen Darker Nights
Four More - Problem Child
Front Line - Need You No More
Good Feelins - I'm Captured
Half-Pint & The Fifths - Orphan Boy
Human Beings - Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
Inner Sanctum - Id
Jesters Of Newport - Stormy
King's Ransom - Shame
Little Boy Blues - The Great Train Robbery
Malibus - Humpty Dumpty Was Making Out
Motor City Bonnevilles - Make Up Your Mind
No-Na-Mees - Gotta Hold On
Pat & The Californians - Be Billy
Primates - Knock On My Door
Richie Bruce - Plan My Life
Savages - The World Ain't Round, It's Square
Spades - I'm Alright
Things To Come - Speak Of The Devil
Tulu Babies - The Hurtin' Kind
Vikings - Come On And Love Me
Wooly Ones - Put Her Down

Top-Notch Vol.2

Al's Dynamics - Disappointed In You
Beckett Quintet - No Correspondence
Bud & Rathy - Hang It Out To Day
Carpetbaggers - Let Yourself Go
Centrees - She's Good For Me
Chob - We're Pretty Quick
Craig - I Must Be Mad
Daybreakers - Psychedelic Siren
Dillons - Simple Way Of Living
Driving Wheels - She's Got Me Running
Ethics - It's O.K.
Fantastic Dee-Jays - Fight Fire
Four Rinks - Wiki Wiki Woo
Fugitive Five - (I Ain't Gonna Give Up) My Way Of Life
Good Idea - Inside Outside
Hard Times - Mr. Rolling Stone
Human Expression - Calm Me Down
Innsmen - Things Are Different Now
Jimmy Crockett & The Shanes - That Lovin' Touch
Kiriae Crucible - The Salem Witch Trial
Little Phil & The Night Shadows - Summertime
Maltees Four - All Of The Time
Mott's Men - She Is So Mean
Nova Local - Games
Peck's Bad Boys - Crazy World
Prophets - You Missed By A Mile
Riders Of The Mark - Gotta Find Somebody
Scotlind Yarde - Why
Stacy's 5th - My Lovin' Baby
Third Booth - I Need Love
U.S. Kids - Check Out
Vikings - I Need Your Lovin'
Worlocks - I Love You

Top-Notch Vol.3

Answer - I'll Be In
Better Half-Dozen - I Could Have Loved Her
Bugs - Slide
Castaways - Ain't Gonna Cheat On Me
Centurys - Hard Times
Chymes - He's Not There Anymore
Crescendos - I Need Love
Dearly Beloved - Keep It Moving
Dirty Shames - Makin' Love
Druids - Girl Can't Take A Joke
Euphoria's Id - Deception's Ice
Finder's - Yo Lloro
Four Speeds - Why Did You Leave Me
Fugitives - Come On And Clap
Grains Of Sand - She Needs Me
Hatfields - The Kid From Cincy
Human Expression - Readin' Your Will
Insane - I Can't Prove It
Jimmy Wayne - Lost My Soul
Koats Of Male - Life's Matter
Lykes Of Us - Tell Me Why Your Light Shines
Mark 5 - The Leader
Murphy & The Mob - Born Loser
One Of Hours - Feel The Pain
Penthouse 5 - Bad Girl
Rainmakers - Sinner Man
Rising Storm - Bright Lit Blue Skies
Seeds of Time - She's Been Travelin Round the World
Starfyres - No Room For Your Love
Those Rogues - Wish I Could See You Again
Underprivileged - You Hurt Me
Village Outcast - The Girl I Used To Love
Worryin' Kind - Wild About You

Top-Notch Vol.4

Apollos - It's A Monster
Big Beats - Beware
Burgundy Blues - I'll Get You Back Again
Castaways Five - Revenge
Charles - Motorcycle
Clique - You've Been Unfair
Cyclones - The Dew
Del Counts - Bird Dog
Dirty Wurds - Why
Dry Ice - Don't Monkey With The Funky Skunky
Evergreen Blueshoes - Maybe Someday
Five Bucks - No Use In Trying
Four Wheels - Cold 45
Fugitives - You Can't Blame That On Me
Gremlins - Wait
Hatfields - Yes I Do
Humans - Warning
Intruders - Total Raunch
John English III & The Heathens - I Need You Near
Kon-Taks - One Of These Days
Lynx - You Lie
Media - Girl, I Want You
Nick D'Angelo Farmers - Mr. Zeppelin Man
Orphuns - The Animal In Me
Pharaohs - Lookin' For Girls
Ralph Nielsen & The Chansellors - Scream
Rising Tydes - Don't Want You Around
Shandells - Go Go Gorilla
Stix And Stonz - Bad News
Threshold Of Sound - She's Mine
Unknown IV - Give Me A Chance
Vydels - What I'm Gonna Do
Yesterday's Children - To Be Or Not To Be

Top-Notch Vol.5

Apollo's Apaches - Cry Me A Lie
Blokes - All American Girl
Burlington Express - Memories
Castels - Save A Chance
Charms - Coming Back
Clockwork Orange - Do Me Right Now
Dagenites - I Don't Want To Try It Again
Del Rays - Like I Do
Dominions - I Need Her
Dudley & The Doo-Rytes - U.F.O.
Excentrics - What Can I Do, What Can I Say
Five Of A Kind - Never Again
Fourth Ryke - You're Cutting Out
G.T.'s - Dog
Grimm Ltd. - Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
Heard - Laugh With The Wind
Hungri I's - Half Your Life
Invaders Of Burdine's Combo Castle - 'Honda' Come Back
Just Too Much - She Gives Me Time
Legends - I'll Come Again
M.H. Royals - Old Town
Mergers - Love, You Funny Thing
Nickle Bag - The Woods
Outsiders - Go Go Ferrari
Pieces Fit - Pieces Fit
Raven - Calamity Jane
Rogues - Put You Down
Shondells - Every Day And Every Night
Sunsets - The Hot Generation
Thunderbirds - Hey Little Girl
Unrelated Segments - Cry, Cry, Cry
Warden & His Fugitives - The World Ain't Changed
Yorkshires - And You're Mine

Top-Notch Vol.6

Apparitions - She's So Satisfyin'
Blues Company - Experiment In Color
Burlington Squires - Back Up
Casulas Incorporated - I Realize
Checkmates - Get It While You Can
Coachmen - You're My Girl
Dark Horsemen - You Lied
Dennis & The Times - Flight Patterns
Don & The Goodtimes - You Did It Before
Dynasty - I'm Crying
Exchequers - Is There Some Girl
Flowerz - Flyde
Freddie & The Dreamers - Feel So Blue
G66 - Feel Alright
Groop - Alright
Heard - Little Miss Sad
Hustlers 4 - How Does It Feel
Invictas - (Let's Dance) The Hump
Kenny & Fiends - The Raven
Librettos - She's A Go-Go
Mad Hatters - Just Won't Leave
Michael Allen Group - I Can't Stand It
Nicols - She Has A Name To Find Out
Outsiders - She's Coming On Stronger
Pineapple Heard - Valleri
Ravenz - Just Like I Want Her
Rojay Gotee - Thunder 'n Lightnin
Skip & The Creations - Respectable
Tamrons - Wild-Man
Tom & The Tempest's - It's Over Now
Unrelated Segments - The Story Of My Life
Weeds - It's Your Time
Young Aristocracy - Don't Lie

Top-Notch Vol.7

Aquamen - Line And Track
Bobby J. & The Generations - Lost In Time
Bushmen - I Need Your Lovin'
Catsanovas - I Want To Be Loved
Cheques - To Stone
Cole & The Embers - Hey Girl
Dave & The Customs - Shortnin' Bread
Denny Proviser - It Really Tears Me Up
Don & Jerry with The Fugitves - In the Cover Of Night
Echoes Of Carnaby Street - Baby Doesn't Know
Executioners - Don't Put Me On
Flowerz - I Need Love Now
Friedles - I Lost Her
Gentle'men - Come On (If You Can)
Grotesque Mommies - One Night Stand
Henchmen - Livin'
Hydro Pyro - Hydro Pyro
Invictas - Shake A Tail Feather
Kenny & The Kasuals - Come On Kid
Lincoln St. Exit - Sunny Sunday Dream
Madd, Inc. - I'll Be the One
Midnight Angels - I'm Sufferin'
Night Walkers - Stix & Stones
P.B. & The Staunchmen - Mean Willy
Plague - Love And Obey
Reasons Why - Try And See Me
Ronnie Michaels - All Night Long
Sloths - Makin' Love
Teardrops - Sweet Sweet Sadie
Tommy Tucker & The Esquires - Don't Tell Me Lies
Unrelated Segments - Where You Gonna Go
Werps - Love's A Fire
Young Aristocracy - Look And See!

Top-Notch Vol.8

Argonauts - Ten Feet Tall
Bohemian Vendetta - Half The Time
By Fives - I Saw You Walking
Cavaliers - Congregation For Anti-Flirts, Inc.
Cherokees - A Woman With Soul
Coming Generation - Down To The City
Dave Lee & The Staggerless - Love Me
Destiny's Children - Fall Of The Queen
Dovers - She's Not Just Anybody
Enchanters 4 - Lost You
Exiles - Love In The Making
Fly By Nites - Found Love
Friedles - When Love
Gentlemen Wild - You Gotta Leave
Group - Tell Me Why
High Spirits - It's Alright With Me
Illusions - I Know
It's All Meat - Feel It
Kenny & The Kasuals - Empty Heart
Lincolns - Come Along And Dream
Madison Revue - Sad And Blue
Mind Readers - What Goes On
Noblemen - I’m Gone
Pacifics - Smile Again
Plague, Ltd. - Doing What I Wanna Do
Rebels - It's Alright
Roosters - Help Me Please
Sneekers - Sneaker Talk
Ten Tons Of Lies - You Lie
Tree - No Good Woman
Vagrants - Oh Those Eyes
What-Nots - Morning
Young Tyrants - I Try!

Top-Notch Vol.9

Baby Huey & The Babysitters - Monkey Man
Bostweeds - Little Bad News
Byron & The Mortals - Do You Believe Me
Cave Dwellers - I Need You
Chessmen - There's No Blood In Bone
Countdowns - You Know I Do
Dave Starky Five - Hey Everybody
Deverons - She Is My Life
Dovers - The Third Eye
Endless - Prevailling Darkness
Explorers - Blue Flavored Lollipop
Fortune Seekers - Why I Cry
Friends - Bye Bye
George Jacks - There's Got To Be A Reason
Groupies - Primitive
High Tensions - No Use Hangin' Around
Ingredients - Hey Who
IV Bidden - Sick And Lonely
Kidds - Children In Love
Lincolns - We Got Some
Magic Lanterns - I Stumbled
Mod 4 - Open Up Your Mind
Nomadds - There Is No More
Paragons - Abba
Plagues - Why Can't You Be True
Rejects - Hey Girl
Rumbles - Fourteen Years
Sonny Boys & Splendid - Shadows
Thee Wylde Main-Iacs - Why Ain't Love Fair
Treytones - Nonymous
Vectors - What In The World
Wild - Monkies
Zakary Thaks - Bad Girl

Top-Notch Vol.10

Bards - Light Of Love
Botumless Pit - 13 Stories High
Cannons - Days Go By
Cavedwellers - Sinking Feeling
Children Of Darkness - She's Mine
Counts - Stop Cheating On Me
David Clayton-Thomas - Brainwashed
Diamond Rings - Which End Is Up
Driving Stupid - Horror Asparagus Stories
Enfields - I'm For Things You Do
Fabulous Depressions - I Can't Tell You
Four Fifths - She'll Hurt You In The End
Frisco Mint - Which End Is Up
Gestures - Run Run Run
Half Pint & The Fifths - Loving On Borrowed Time
Hollow Steps - Hung Up On You
Initial Shock - Mind Disaster
Jerry & The Others - Don't Cry To Me
Kinetics - Put Your Lovin' On Me
Little Bits - Girl Give Me Love
Magic Mushroom - Never Let Go
Morticians - It's Gonna Take A While
Nomads - Not For Me
Pastels - Circuit Breaker
Polanie - I'm Crying
Revelles - You Don't Love Me No More
Savages - Cheating On Me
Sound Carnival - Dreams
Things - In Your Soul
Troyes -- I Don't Need You
Vestells - Won't You Tell Me
William Penn Fyve - Blow My Mind
Zakary Thaks - Won't Come Back
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