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Пуччини - опера «Турандот» - Джанандреа Нозеда - Стефано Пода - Ребека Локар /Puccini - Turandot - Gianandrea Noseda - Stefano Poda - Rebeka Lokar - Jorge de Leon - Teatro Regio di Torino/ (Театр «Реджио» в Турине - 2018) HDTVRip

Пуччини - опера «Турандот» - Джанандреа Нозеда - Стефано Пода - Ребека Локар /Puccini - Turandot - Gianandrea Noseda - Stefano Poda - Rebeka Lokar - Jorge de Leon - Teatro Regio di Torino/ (Театр «Реджио» в Турине - 2018) HDTVRip

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TURANDOT Puccini - Teatro Regio Torino

Who is Turandot? Is she a person, an idea? Does Turandot even exist, or is she a product of Calaf's mind?

Stefano Poda's Turandot tackles these and many other questions. Gianandrea Noseda, who was recently nominated for a Grammy for his operatic work, conducts the unfinished, original Turandot which ends with Liù's sacrifice.


Act 1

The walls of the great purple City.

Peking, legendary times. A bustling crowd in front of the walls of the imperial City. A Mandarin is again reading out Princess Turandot’s proclamation declaring she will marry the prince who succeeds in solving her three riddles, but whoever accepts the challenge and mistakes the replies will be beheaded as the moon rises. This is what is about to happen to the latest pretender, the Prince of Persia. In the throng a blind old man is trampled: Calaf rushes to assist him and recognises his father, the deposed Tartar king, Timur. The old king believed his son had died in battle: now he has lost everything; only the slave Liu has stayed with him. The girl confesses that she had helped the king because one day, in the palace, Calaf had smiled at her.

The excited crowd invokes the rising of the moon and calls for the executioner, but when the Prince of Persia is led forwards its mood changes – moved by his tender age and noble bearing – and instead it implores pardon for the young man. Turandot makes a sign ordering his execution. Struck by the fleeting glimpse of the icy Princess, Calaf decides to tackle the three riddles. Ping, Pong and Pang, Turandot’s three ministers, attempt to persuade him that Turandot is after all only a woman and that there are many others he could have without risking his life in vain. Liu asks what will become of her and Timur if he were to die, but Calaf is deaf to her supplications and, calling out Turandot’s name, announces he will accept the challenge and sounds the ritual gong.

Act II – Scene I

A pavillon.

Ping, Pong and Pang let their frustration show. They are tired of a routine of unsolved riddles and decapitated heads and hope that Turandot will finally find a husband so they can retire. But, alas, preparations must be made for the new pretender’s attempt.

Act II – Scene II

Square in front of the palace.

While the crowd gathers, the sages arrive bearing the rolls with the answers to the riddles. Turandot’s father, the elderly Emperor Altoum, invites Calaf in vain to desist. Finally Turandot appears. The beautiful princess relates how she dreamt up the game of riddles to revenge Lo-u-Ling, an ancestor of hers who, thousands of years ago, had been raped and killed by a foreign king. For this reason she hates men. Turandot is sure that no one will be able to solve the riddles and thus possess her, and wholeheartedly believes that the young prince is destined to the gallows. But Calaf does not give up, and one by one succeeds in resolving the riddles posed.

Devastated, Turandot asks her father not to relinquish her to the foreign prince but Altoum reminds her she is bound by oath. Boldly, Calaf proposes that she should successfully answer a riddle in her turn: if Turandot can find out his real name before the sun rises he will gladly die, otherwise the princess must marry him. Disconsolate, the old emperor hopes the young man will be able to marry Turandot and thus become his son.


Garden of the palace.

During the night, the heralds proclaim Turandot’s orders: no one in the city must sleep and every attempt must be made to discover the foreign prince’s identity. Calaf anxiously awaits the coming of dawn and looks forward to the moment when the sun will rise and he will be able to embrace Turandot. Ping Pong and Pang offer him immense riches and the most beautiful women in an attempt to make him renounce the princess, but Calaf rejects every enticement.

A little while later a group of the princess’s guards arrives dragging Liu and Timur with them: the two have been seen in the prince’s company and probably know his identity. Turandot arrives too. Under torture, Liu confesses that she knows the prince’s name but has no intention of revealing it. For love of the prince, she wants to grant him, with her silence, Turandot’s hand, who in her turn can do nothing but love him. So she snatches one of the guard’s daggers and kills herself, thus carrying her secret to the grave. In desperation, Timur clasps Liu’s hand as she is borne away, accompanied by the much moved crowd.

Название: Турандот
Оригинальное название: Turandot
Год: 2018 (прямая трансляция 25.01.2018)
Жанр: Опера в трех действиях и четырех сценах
Композитор: Джакомо Пуччини (Giacomo Puccini)
Режиссер-постановщик, хореография, костюмы, свет: Стефано Пода (Stefano Poda)
Музыкальный руководитель постановки и дирижер: Джанандреа Нозеда (Gianandrea Noseda)
Оркестр и хор Театра «Реджио» в Турине (Orchestra e Coro Teatro Regio di Torino)
Хормейстер: Claudio Fenoglio
Режиссер ТВ: Тициано Манчини (Tiziano Mancini)
Выпущено: Италия, Teatro Regio di Torino, L'Opera Unisce
Язык: Итальянский

Исполнители и действующие лица:
Rebeka Lokar (Turandot),
Jorge de León (Calaf),
Erika Grimaldi (Liù),
In-Sung Sim (Timur),
Antonello Ceron (Altoum),
Marco Filippo Romano (Ping),
Luca Casalin (Pang),
Mikeldi Atxalandabaso (Pong),
Roberto Abbondanza (A Mandarin),
Joshua Sanders (Prince of Persia)

Этот спектакль Стефано Поды под музыкальным руководством Джанандреа Нозеда недавно был номинирован на премию Грэмми за его музыкальную часть.


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Адрес - http://rapidlinks.org/link/?lnk=722465


Информацию о произведении Верди возможно прочесть в теме: "Пуччини - опера «Турандот» - Жорж Претр - Кейта Асари - Алессандра Марк - Никола Мартинуччи /Puccini - Turandot - Georges Pretre - Keita Asari - Alessandra Marc - Nicola Martinucci - Teatro alla Scala/ (Театр «Ла Скала» в Милане - 2001) SATRip"
Адрес - https://rapidlinks.org/link/?lnk=733452

Качество: HDTVRip
Формат/контейнер: mkv
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920x1080 25fps
Аудио: MP3 44100Hz stereo 192kbps
Продолжительность: 01:55:10
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Аватара 31/07/2020 в 11:41
от alex7
Спасибо за Ваше мнение, я во многом согласен.
Gravatar 31/07/2020 в 00:15
от pigonthewing
Просил у вас раньше этот файл, но теперь с тяжелым сердцем должен сообщить, что постановка поразила меня своей совершенной бессмысленностью.
Форма полностью поглотила содержание. Первые полтора акта по сцене бесцельно слоняются голые статисты без какой либо привязки к действию. Декорации и костюмы делали по принципу "не как у других", в результате вышла скука смертная, всё белое и безликое. Загадки принц разгадывает, возлежа на шезлонге (??!) в маленькой стеклянной будке у кулис. Принцессу - Ребекку Локар, которая отлично выступила в постановке из Torre del Lago - спрятали среди кучи одинаковых дублерш, которые, видимо что-то там _символизируют_, но достаточно было бы использовать их в одной-двух сценах, чтобы они не оттягивали внимание от артистки, их же тащат до конца. Кроме того, при ее первом появлении вообще не понятно, кто принцесса, т.к. фокус внимания в этот момент совсем на другой части сцены. В общем, сумбур и огорчение.
Лю, правда, хорошая (Эрика Гримальди).

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