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CA Zentrum font family

CA Zentrum font family

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30x .TTF, .OTF, .WOFF2 | multilingual | cyrillic | prew | 12,9 MB

CA Zentrum is a compelling mix of conciseness and pragmatism. Bold, distinct and original, contemporary and versatile. At a closer look, it reveals rounder reading-friendly forms. The choice of weights aims at an easy, straight forward use. A set of five well-balanced weights and three widths ranging from light to black and from condensed to wide. This variety ought to be enough to cover most needs without throwing the typographer into questions. The family’s glyph set supports over 100 Latin languages.
With its blend of timelessness and modernity, the type-family is uniquely suited for modern corporate visual languages, websites, corporate design, editorial design and advertising. Careful spacing and a great choice of OpenType features make it especially well suited for text copy and/or editorial design.




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  • Добавлено: 12/10/2022
  • Автор: PLAYBOY
  • Просмотрено: 9
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