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Bion font family

Bion font family

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1x .TTF, 40x .OTF | multilingual | cyrillic | prew | 12,11 MB

Bion is a contemporary geometric sans serif with a down-to-earth attitude.
Bion comes with 40 weights in a single variable file, ranging from Hairline to Black. We also included Upright, Italic, and Condensed variations to give you a fresh and diverse look for poster and title designs.
Whatever message you want to get across, Bion has you covered - with support for 220 languages and 1,220 glyphs in total, as well as Extended Latin, Cyrillic and Greek scripts and an exhaustive list of typographic symbols.
The Bion type family also includes an extensive set of standard and discretionary ligatures, tabular and small figures, fractions, and language localizations. These features work in static and variable fonts alike, providing a ready-made solution to all your advanced typographic needs.


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